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Guildhall Amphitheatre, London

April 2016

WINNER : The Owle Schreame Award for Classical Theatre​

Commissioned by Guildhall Amphitheatre, Medea was performed entirely as it would have been when written, with a full chorus, in authentically re-created traditional costumes and masks, in the preserved underground amphitheatre; the first performance there for 1500 years. 

 'You couldn't help but be totally engrossed by the foreboding atmosphere as the tense marital situation built to a dramatic conclusion- I feel lucky to have been part of a relatively small group of people experiencing this'

- Juno Rae's Blog

★★★★- 'you felt this is the way it was meant to be, as you felt the power of Greek tragedy'- Notes of an Idealist

'played around with the separation between reproducing and recreating and showed what a heritage site can do by embracing performance'- Owle Schreame Awards

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