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The Clockmaker's Daughter

The Clockmaker's Daughter

Book and lyrics by Daniel Finn

Music by Michael Webborn

Chichester Conservatoire

Saturday 22nd April

Producer: Andy Wright and Chichester Conservatoire

Musical Director: Livi Van Warmello

Choreographer: Sam Spencer-Lane 

Set & Costume Designer – Frankie Huin-Wah

Lighting Designer – Alex Musgrave

Sound Designer – Harry Hare

Production Manager – Chris Keen

Associate Producer – Laura Bowler

Spindlewood was home to a Clockmaker. A master of his craft, his work lauded far across the seas.

Distraught after the untimely death of his daughter, Abraham Reed sets about capturing her image in clockwork; building a young girl so unquestionably real that even he is unable to fathom her making. On winding her, Abraham realises he has created something somewhat more than a machine. Constance, as he names her, can think… Terrified of being discovered, Abraham gives Constance one rule; to remain hidden from the outside world at all times. But the young creation, full of child-like curiosity and frustrated with her limited existence, quickly forms other plans. The Clockmaker's Daughter is the first, acclaimed musical by composers Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn. It was first performed at the Landor Theatre, London in 2015 and most recently at Cadogan Hall, with a cast including Fra Fee and Christine Allado.

Alex is thrilled to be directing one of his all time favourite musicals for his second production at Chichester Conservatoire after Fiddler on the Roof in 2021. 


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