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The Greatest Hits of Lily and John

The Greatest Hits of Lily and John

by Calum Sivyer and Rosanna Adams

The Other Palace & Pleasance Upstairs, Edinburgh Fringe 


The Other Palace- 8th-10th March 2022

Pleasance Upstairs, Edinburgh Fringe- 4th-28th August 2022

Producer & Assistant Director- Mollie Moody 

Movement Director- Jodie Sully

Costume & Set Design- Maya McAllister

Lighting Design- Saul Valiunas

Cast: Rosanna Adams & Calum Sivyer

Musicians: Annelies Janssens & Joe Swift

Production images: Michaela Walshe Photography

Lily hasn't heard from John in over 4 weeks. John's depression has spiralled and he's video recording a final goodbye. But when his ex-girlfriend, and now co-dependent best friend, bursts in catching him in the act, he lies and says it's material for a new play. About a dressage horse. So ensues a weird and wonderful journey in which they enact a thinly veiled guise of their own lives; they sing, they dance, they fight, they talk about their deepest struggles. Whilst dressed as horses.  

A semi auto-biographical modern folk story exploring loneliness, creativity and how friendship and conversation can inspire change. Created in partnership with The Listening Place, His, and Humen. 

Alex is delighted to be directing this surreal folk gig play by Kalum Sivyer and Rosanna Adams (The Mirror and the Light- RSC). He is working alongside Calum and Rosanna as they develop the script as well as directing the  piece, which opened to a sold out run at The Other Palace. 


Audience feedback


'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind meets Once the Musical’


‘So smart. And so funny. And heartbreaking. And genuine’


‘Fucking beautiful’


‘Funny, smart and life affirming’


‘So slick and so moving’


‘Will any other play be as good as that one?’


‘Glorious, heartbreaking and wonderful’


‘Wonderfully ridiculous, nonjudgemental and tender account of modern existence’


‘As if Johnny Cash and June Carter were played by Sylvanian Families’

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